Good eating, better living

Diet is a Greek word meaning “way of living”. Being on a diet doesn’t mean to be under strict conditions causing hardships and discontents, but starting a proper food behavior in order to lose weight, modulate body composition, solve annoying problems related to food intolerances and maximizing energy.

All of this, aimed at reaching the most important objective: feeling  good, getting a better life quality and expectancy, preventing a number of diseases related to nutrition and, why not, see yourself more beautiful and fit.

“It’s not just about stopping eating what hurts  us, but also starting eating what it’s good for us, without forgetting physical activity, a very important element in weight loss and body well-being.

My objective is to teach you how to eat well, so that you will be able, in the future, to stand on your own feet.





Together we will start a healthy and balanced diet that will teach you eating well and to:

  • Live better and prevent nutritional related diseases
  • Lose weight and maintain it over time
  • Modulate body composition
  • Maximizing your energy and avoid problems related to an incorrect nutrition
  • Manage food intolerances


All of this by drawing up a personalized diet according to your needs, including:

  • Healthy and balanced diets
  • Slimming diets
  • Body modulation diets
  • Sport diets
  • Vegetarian and vegan diets
  • Pathological conditions diets: diabetes, celiac disease, metabolic syndrome, hyperlipidaemia etc.
  • Physiological conditions diets: childhood, adolescence, pregnancy, lactation, eldery.