Visit and devices

First visit

During the first visit, which will lasts one hour, we will know each other, we will talk about your food habits, your needs and your expectations and we will discuss the very first nutritional tips.

We will then proceed by measuring your body composition, which will allow us to understand your real weight composition, by differentiating between fat mass, lean mass and water.

Following this first visit, in a few days I will send you your personalized food plan according to your needs.


Check-up visit

Once a month we will meet in order to monitor and discuss your progress.


Direct and continuous contact

During all the time a direct and continuous contact is provided (by e-mail, telephone) so that you will be able to clear up any doubts you might have.


How will your diet be?

It will be personalized, reason why it will be drawn up only after our meeting. It will be fit for you, compatible with your lifestyle, pleasant and easy.


The equipment

In addition to the classic balance, we will use a Bioimpedance sensor, an easy but very useful device that will allow us to know the exact composition of your body in terms of water, fat mass, fat free mass.